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4.9/5 Votes: 64,554

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Ever walked away from your computer only to find it locked or sleeping when you return? This can be frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of a download or waiting for an important online task to complete. Here’s where Move Mouse comes in – a simple yet effective software solution designed to keep your PC active and prevent it from entering sleep mode.

Features: A Simple Trick for Big Benefits

Move Mouse accomplishes its task in a straightforward manner:

  • Simulating Movement: The software periodically simulates mouse movement on your screen. These subtle, pre-programmed movements are enough to signal to your computer that you’re still actively using it, thereby preventing it from going into sleep mode.
  • Customization Options: While Move Mouse automates the process, it also offers some customization options. You can adjust the frequency of the simulated mouse movements or choose specific movement patterns for a more natural look.
  • Lightweight and Efficient: Move Mouse is a lightweight program that runs unobtrusively in the background. It consumes minimal system resources, ensuring it doesn’t impact your computer’s performance.
  • Multiple Use Cases: Move Mouse has various use cases beyond simply preventing sleep mode. It can be helpful for situations where certain programs require continuous user interaction, or if you want to avoid screen saver activation during presentations or long downloads.

Conclusion: A Simple Solution for a Common Annoyance

Move Mouse might seem like a simple tool, but it offers a practical solution to a common frustration. Whether you’re a busy professional multitasking on your PC or a casual user who dislikes unexpected sleep mode interruptions, Move Mouse can be a valuable addition to your software arsenal. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and effective, keeping your PC active and preventing those annoying disruptions to your workflow.

Version History

Move Mouse (4.16.3)
1.8 MB

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